Plastic Product Design

From Concept to Final Product: Tips for Plastic Product Design

The product design and development process can be a long and complicated one. The journey from your concept to final the product can often take years. So, how do you make sure you get your product design right?

It’s simple really. You need to understand the whole process from start to finish. Start at the end, with those who will manufacture your product.

At Action Plastics we understand how complex product development can be. Our team of tool designers, are here to guide you through every step of the journey to make sure that your vision becomes a reality.

Why Tool Design Matters

One of the key things that sets us apart from our competitors is our understanding of injection moulding tool design. While it is a highly versatile and efficient manufacturing process, it requires specialised tools to achieve the best results.

These tools must be designed with precision, taking into account factors such as material properties, the shape of your products, their use in the market, and even the production volume required to make your end product economically viable for your business.

From the earliest stages of product development, our tool designers work closely with our clients to understand their vision. By involving our team early in the process, we can help to identify potential challenges and opportunities. This can often affect the final design.

Designing for the Manufacturing Process

One of the most critical aspects of your product is in designing it for manufacture.. This means designing your product in a way that maximises efficiency and minimises waste during the manufacturing process.  Our expertise means we can help ensure your product is designed for smoother production run.

One common mistake that inexperienced designers can make is to overlook the complexities of the entire manufacturing process. Sometimes what may seem like a simple design can lead to issues such as sink marks, warping, or uneven shrinkage. By working with our team we can help you to avoid these pitfalls and achieve a design that not only looks great but is highly functional, and fit for purpose.

Product Performance and Effectiveness

Cost is always important when developing new products. We help you to achieve the best possible results within your budget. By ensuring your design best suits the manufacturability process, we can help minimise production costs and reduce time to market.  At the end of the day, all products need to be economically viable.

Sometimes it’s about design simplification or material selection. Our team can help you find creative solutions that balance performance with affordability. By working collaboratively with our clients, we can ensure that every dollar spent delivers maximum value and Return on Investment.

The Action Plastics Advantage

At Action Plastics, we’re more than just your manufacturing supplier. We see ourselves as a trusted advisor and collaborator throughout the product development process. From concept right through to your final product, we’re here to ensure that your vision becomes a reality in the most efficient, cost-effective, and high-quality way possible.

We can help you turn your vision into reality. Contact our team today.