Environmental Policy.

Recognising and applying sustainable principles into the manufacture, distribution, use and recovery of plastics to our business will better position Action to deliver innovative materials, products and technology.

We are committed to drive more sustainable plastic products which will help mitigate climate change, drive waste minimisation and improve resource management. We’re proud to have taken measures to stop microplastics leaving our manufacturing plant from entering Canterbury’s waterways by jumping on board with Operation Clean Sweep, and initative by Plastics NZ.

NZ Plastics, Operation Clean Sweep.

Operation Clean Sweep helps operators in the plastics industry to reduce the loss of pellets to the environment. The manual enables operators to audit their own sites and provides advice on establishing procedures to prevent pellet loss into the environment.

Plastics NZ believes that every plastics manufacturer and distributor must prevent the pellets from entering waterways that eventually lead to the sea. Employees need to be educated on how to properly handle and dispose of plastic pellets with the goal of zero pellet loss. We agree and that’s why we comply with the initiative.

Operation Clean Sweep | NZ Plastics

The Benefits of Reducing Pellet Loss.

  • A tidier site – important for staff morale, business image and health and safety
  • Fewer slips and falls on spilt material – a common cause of injuries in the plastics industry
  • Environmental protection – whether they’re handled in an inland plant or a coastal facility, pellets get into stormwater drains that lead to rivers and oceans. Once in these natural environments they cause litter problems and are a threat to aquatic life.
  • Reduces compliance risk – Councils monitor waterways for pollution and can trace spilt material back to industrial sites. This can sometimes result in fines or legal action.
  • Regenerate – By committing to these protocols we can help to restore and enrich our environmental eco-systems.